about us

Value Procurement Centre is delighted to present our company as an all-round and independent full service provider.

With more Than 10 years of experience in this field.

A strategic choice to help our Customers to achieve a cost reduction without.

compromising the quality and reliability.

With our procurement solutions we will reach into the changing market for

proto-typing, quick-turn, mid-and high volume productions. As well to purchase

"Added Value" component solutions like transformers, cable assemblies and

enclosures to our customers.



With our local presence in the Netherlands we can always assist the customer to satisfy any sales or technical request. With the experience to understand the client's business, exposures and ability to bespoke solutions and provide optimal customer satisfaction.

Providing quality solutions is our sole business and our only focus.Value Procurement Centre is aiming for the top end of the market in terms of service,reliability and a wide range of alternative technical solutions for our clients.

Value Procurement Centre CHINA

Is operationg as the procurement office to Value Procurement Centre Sales.With a capable, qualified and dedicated team.

If desirable Value Procurement Centre also can operate directly as the procurement office for the client.

With direct quotes and fixed margins to cover exploitation costs.

With the experience of analyzing, checking , modifying Gerber data, the procurement of capacity, initiating and controlling quality productions within the clients specification.

Lean local communications between procurement and production enable a high involvement.

With direct contact and access to the engineers and production facilities.

And monitoring of the complete production process.

From the start of production until the actual shipment to our clients in Europe.


It is our responsibility to deliver printed circuits boards that fulfill your specifications.

With the intend to deliver all productions on time with the appropriate quality since we consider each and every delivery be a recommendation for future orders.

Our quality team is always willing to assist you with any issue regarding quality.

Special attention is paid to process quality, electrical testing and final inspection for cosmetic defects, and a comprehensive pre-shipment quality check on all products manufactured in China by our local office.

This rating is done towards your specifications and according the IPC standard.

To underline our quality control with every delivery of printed circuit boards is send a Quality Report where the results of the quality check is stated.

Our quality team is always willing to assist you with any issue regarding.

Value Procurement Centre OFFERS


Your procurement office for Far East solutions Purchase

Analyzing and advice on Design for Manufacturing

Checking and modification Gerber data

Engineering capacity

Procurement of capacity

Initiating and controlling quality within the specifications

Monitoring of the complete production process

Forwarding shipment to clients in Europe

Online access to Work-in-Progress status